About Geoff McAvoy

Geoff McAvoy, Owner & Operator

Geoff McAvoy holds a CDL Class A and 2L Hoisting license in the state of Massachusetts and carries over 20 years of experience in excavation and drainage work. He began working for the Town of South Hadley in the Department of Public Works in 2004, where he supported the Highway Department as the Tree Warden and developed expertise in the areas of Excavation, Drainage Solutions, Commercial Stormwater Management, and Land Management. Geoff prides himself on a commitment to solving problems thoroughly and ensuring the job has been done to complete satisfaction.

Expertise and commitment to getting your job done efficiently

C&C Outdoor Services is named for and inspired by Geoff’s young sons who he and his wife Shelley are raising in Ludlow, MA. Integrity is of the utmost importance to Geoff as he focuses on quality time with his family and establishing a future for his boys. He hopes to impart his skills to his children so they carry the torch of the business for many years to come.